Sintra, a charming city that offers extraordinary moments, be amazed by the palaces, a castle in ruins and other great mansions, relics of past times, all located in the center of the magnificent scenery of the Serra de Sintra National Park.

Sintra is rightly considered as one of the main tourist destinations in Portugal and a mandatory crossing point.

  "Everything in SINTRA is divine, there is no corner that is not a poem"  Eça de Queirós, OS MAIAS, 1888.
  "Sintra is the only place in the country where history became a garden"  Virgílio Ferreira, LOUVAR AMAR.
  "Raised on a rock (the palace) seems to come out of a fairy tale"  Richard Strauss, Composer.

Lisbon is a special and unique city: the noise of the electric ones going up and down the cobblestone streets, the sound of Fado in several points of the city, the preciousness of its historical buildings but also the coolest city of Portugal and Europe.

Lisbon was built on 7 hills and stretches along the river Tejo in a magnificent landscape, full of splendid monuments, numerous museums, fabulous hotels and beautiful viewpoints.

Filled with history and culture, this city is known for its unique luminosity, incomparable charm and enviable sunny weather.

Lisbon is one of the European capitals that offers you the possibility to enjoy its streets at night, with pleasure and safety.

And for those who like excitement, the nights start early and end late. At where? Preferably in historic districts, where the presence of the Tejo River is a constant. The late afternoons on a terrace, in a garden or belvedere are much appreciated. 

In the streets of Alfama, near the Cathedral, the Fado runs in the blood of the local ...

An evening that promises to be unforgettable.  

Enjoy moments of full harmony, peace and spirituality.

Fatima is one of the largest and most important places of pilgrimage in the world, with more than 1 million visitors per year. The greatest pilgrimages to Fatima take place annually on May 13.

The Monastery of Batalha. Classified by Unesco as a World Heritage Site, this gothic monastery was born from the vow made by D. João I to Santa Maria da Vitoria, as a thank you for the victory over the Castilian troops in the battle of Aljubarrota (August 14, 1385).

The Monastery of Alcobaça, Unesco Heritage in Portugal, Founded in 1178 and where Pedro and Inês de Castro are buried, they lived one of the most beautiful stories of love but with a tragic end.

Between the blue of the sea and the green of the mountains, the Natural Park of Serra da Arrábida is an excellent place to meditate and enjoy all the contrast that nature offers us.

Situated by the sea, the park offers one of the most breathtaking scenery of the coast near Lisbon.

Portinho da Arrábida, Galapos and Galapinhos are the most beautiful beaches in Europe, with unique fauna and flora.

Enjoy this paradise by land and sea, with our partner

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